Srivatsa Sarat Kumar Sarvepalli

Srivatsa Sarat Kumar Sarvepalli

Arts and Literature

Apart from web designing and Designing Innovative circuits.. I have a keen interest towards arts and literature.. Here are few of my works..

The Golden Face
On a summer day the sun was bright,
Spreading to all it's wings of light,
At night the moon was bright,
With gleaming stars and a bonny sky,
Plying the joy of the enthralled night,
As high as the sky,
As low as the ground,
Is raised the towers of the hominal race,
Deep dark in outside space,
Lays a light with a Golden Face.

The Meager
Beneath the sky under the broken case,
Stood a lad with an awkward face,
Gazing through the field,
Gazing through the sky,
Blazed the sticks with an awry twig,
Seizing a Crust of an arid bread,
Embraced around with a tattered skin,
Paved the way for the rising dawn.

Clown in Town
Blazers of thunder showered across the town,
Lighting the way for the crimson clown,
Hopping and juggling he walked past the streets,
Tumbling the minds of the tiny fleets,
Hand in hand they walked past his way,
Tossing around their glossy wares,
Gathered across the parish street,
Raised a voice above the jittery swarm,
Look out folks there in a clown in town.

What is Life ?
It is a web of complexities that we try to unwind or untangle before leaving this world.