Srivatsa Sarat Kumar Sarvepalli

Srivatsa Sarat Kumar Sarvepalli

Building a Resilience Framework for IoT in Consumer Application(s)


Internet of Things (IoT) environment is grouped into “Sensors” that collect data, “Actuators” that perform actions, and “Gateways” that act as an interface for both communication and automation. Often these internet-connected devices are simple plug and play, and can therefore become easy targets to third-party attacks, compromising the consumer’s privacy and security. With no established framework, the low cost of acquisition, and high availability, makes it difficult to develop consumer IoT application(s) that can adapt their structure and behaviour to constant change and new technology developments. To address this challenge, one needs to study the complex and dynamic IoT environment and its elements, to build a resilient framework. This study involves my solution to build the framework and apply it for Consumer IoT application(s).

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